Gone Hog Wild over the big reveal!

I’m giving a big HEE HAW over my newly completed fun room.   And what would a fun room be without a good space to sip whiskeys.   So what have I been working on that has kept me away from blogging?

Here’s the list:

  • new flooring
  • wall and trim paint
  • additional lighting
  • palette wall with wine crates used as shadow boxes to display spirits.
  • 106″ Projection TV
  • Cigar Humidor (in back room)
  • Granite top on bar


Needless to say, it’s been a lot of work, but I’m Hog Wild over how it’s turned out. So in celebration of the completion of this space, I’ve decided to treat myself to a dram of something that I don’t often take off the shelf.  I present to you: The 2014 Whistlepig Rye “The Boss Hog”.  Or as the bottler affectionately calls it “The Spirit of Mortimer”.20160302_192056_HDR[1]

Here’s what the folks at Whistlepig say about The Boss Hog:

The 2014 Boss Hog was been selected from among our oldest and most unique barrels – Bond 77. Bond 77 entered wood on April 5, 2001. As part of a quadruple barrel aging process, the Spirit of Mortimer spent nearly 14 years in a combination of new American oak, and early use bourbon barrels. Bottled at cask-strength, the Spirit of Mortimer represents our purest, most powerful, and most primordial expression of the world’s finest rye.

The Spirit of Mortimer is dedicated to Mortimer WhistlePig. Mortimer, our mascot, compatriot and friend, laid down his life in summer 2014 while defending the honor of Mauve WhistlePig, his beloved Kune Kune spouse.

The 2014 Boss Hog is Mortimer’s monument and memorial.  Mortimer’s physical monument will be the “Spirit of Mortimer,” a finely crafted Danforth pewter topper which will sit atop each Boss Hog bottle and depict Mortimer midflight, with arms stretched to the heavens. Mortimer’s spiritual monument will be the unrivaled whiskey within the bottle. Here’s to you, Mortimer

But how does it taste?

The nose is clean with distinct qualities of a traditional rye and nuances of oak, caramel, and vanilla.  However,  rye is definitely dominant in the nose.   The golden brown legs are a constant reminder that this ain’t your momma’s sippin whiskey.  Or is it?

At 119.5 proof the first sip will have you yelling out SOOOWEEEE!   This is a powerful whiskey, yet if sipped with care, the burn is minimal and just at the back of the throat. The creamy texture of the spirit leaves a wonderful honey-like after-taste in your mouth.  This is really good stuff!

My Take:  Boss Hog is a great special occasion whiskey and holds a place in my Top 5 list.   At around $200/bottle, it’s definitely not a mixer.  If you have the pallet for it, drink it neat so that you can enjoy all of the benefits that 13 years of aging presents.  It’s got some heat, so it’s not recommended for the novice whiskey drinker.   However, novice or aficionado, if you just want to say that you’ve tried something special, The Spirit of Mortimer will guide you to the promised land.

Until next time, Drink Passionately!


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