Sorry but – MmmmWowPow!

So let me first start with an apology.   In my last post, I promised to talk about my personal whiskey tasting technique, but little did I know that I would stumble upon a cigar that would blow my socks off!!!   Sorry, but I just can’t wait to talk about it.

I’ve been hanging out lately at a new local cigar shop called Stogies, in Powell, Oh.  Hassan and Mike, the proprietors of Stogies have established a comfortable place to hang out, watch TV and20160311_074943_HDR of course, have a cigar.   Props to the folks at Stogies for quickly ramping up their inventory and offering one of the broadest selections of cigars in central Ohio.

During my Wednesday visit, I was in the mood to try something new, so after 15mins of looking, feeling and smelling their wonderful selection, I decided to go with the Ashton Aged Maduro.   MmmmWowPow!  Boy, I didn’t expect that…  This was hands down one of the best cigars that I’ve smoked in a long time.   Right out of the wrapper I was impressed with the flawless construction of this stick.  As I slid the cigar under my nose, the exquisite Maduro fermentation offered a comforting earthiness; Mmmm.     At 6″ x 50 (Toro), the cigar had a great hand feel.  Substantial, yet soft enough in the binder to allow for a comfortable, confident hold.

Now it was time for the lighting.   Wow, it was smooth and flavorful right from the first puff.  Leather, cocoa, earthy flavors abound.  Perfect burn with just the right amount of smoke, for nearly 2 hours this cigar kept me longing for the next puff.  Pow!

My Take:  This medium-bodied, full flavored cigar can be enjoyed by anyone.  It was an awesome flavor bomb, smooth on the retrohale and didn’t leave my head spinning as I left the shop.  There were a couple of subtle flavor changes in the second half, but it never strayed far from it’s Maduro origin.   My pairing for this smoke was black coffee, but I can’t wait to try another one with a nice Zaya or Sherry Cask Finished Whiskey.

At a price of $13.25, most new smokers may pass by the humidor bin, but if you’re wanting to experience something really special, grab one.   In short, I loved it!

Until next time, Smoke Passionately!



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