What’s New In The Fire?

“Life is not tried it’s just merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire”20160416_232057_HDR

Yep, you guessed it; I just saw the legendary Garth Brooks, and what a night!  Over 3 1/2 hrs of standing and listening to music from my favorite country artist.  Many thanks to my wife for snagging some great seats.   Now I can die a happy man!!!

But that’s not the only thing that I’ve been passionate about since my last post.  Let me give you an update:

SCOBY – Yes my Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast is almost ready for the next step, and that step is Kombucha.  From a humble beginning(left)


I am now the proud parent of my first SCOBY (right).


So today I’ll brew about a gallon of black tea, insert my SCOBY and put my concoction away for another couple of weeks.

These are the nervous moments that each parent faces where you must let go and trust that you’ve done the work to help your child survive and prosper in the “real world”.  Good luck SCOBY!  I look forward many years good results as you mature…



The Mushroom Harvest – After 8 days of watering and watching, I have mushrooms.   I was surprised at how easy, and fun, these were to grow.   I’ll be cooking with these tomorrow morning as I love to have mushrooms in my scrambled eggs.    I will definitely be adding mushrooms to my herb garden this year.  Yum!

Nice Pairing:  This “Sunday Funday” my buddy Steve and I paired a Rodrigo Boutique Blend G6 with a sip of Captain Morgan Private Stock.   Definitely a nice pairing.   The nuttiness of the G6 was nicely complemented by sweet rum characteristics of the Private Stock.    This combination I would happily recommend to anyone.   The G6 was a 6 x 60 that provided plenty of smoke and a smooth medium bodied flavor throughout.  There was a brief flavor change in the second third where a bit of cinnamon kicked in.    My only complaint was that it did get a bit hot as we smoked it close to the nub, but by that time (1 1/2 hrs) we were fully satisfied with the smoking experience.  Try it!

Until next time:   Live passionately in the Fire!


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