My love for whiskeys escalated about three years ago when health concerns steered me towards a reduced carb diet.   Previously, an IPA fanatic, I started to notice that IPA’s were causing a lot of inflammation within by body.   Not willing to give up on alcohol altogether, I discovered a passion for fine whiskeys, and since then I’ve never been tempted to look back.

A good cigar is another passion of mine.  Through the advice of friends, podcasts, and personal research, I’ve had to fortune to indulge in a large variety of cigars, learning the nuances that make for an excellent smoking experience.

Many would consider smoking cigars and drinking whiskey to be sinful. To those, I say,”I vtuntur subsannetionem quasi insigne honoris” (I wear their scorn as a badge of honor),   as there are fewer things more relaxing to me than to enjoy a cigar and a whiskey with good family and friends.

Thus, with cigar and drink and hand, I passionately raise a toast to The Pairing of Two Sins.


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